Special Bio Entry

Because of Joe Bustamante's untimely death, we have decided to highlight Joe's management legacy with BB&S.

Around the Summer of 2001, Joe Bustamanate was sitting at the bar of Mamacita's, a restaurant bar in Clint, Texas. 

Playing that night was the debut performance at Mamacita's of Beg, Borrow, Steal.

It was a special night because it was a homecoming gig for Miguel being that it was so close to his home town of Fabens, and the managers of the club were both from Fabens, too. In fact a quick observation of the place indicated about 17-20 people from Fabens including close relatives, Joe, and childhood band mates of Miguel who performed with him in the late 60's.


Miguel Contreras formed Beg, Borrow, & Steal (BB&S) in late April of 2007 and started playing local venues. What started out as as solo act, turned out to be a project. Miguel was playing his original music with different lead guitarists and was looking for people to play who were serious about composing original music. The goal of this project was not to be just another bar band, but an entity that writes and promotes its music through other artists. Miguel had started to play around the coffee shop circuit and little by little built up what was to be known as Beg, Borrow, & Steal. The band was mostly based on Miguel's original compositions and included covers of many a genre. BB&S has gone through many changes since then and has totally transformed itself under the direction of its manager, Joe Bustamante who handles the day to day operations of the band. Today, BB&S is an energetic variety band that plays at festivals, college venues, artistic events, community events, Local Bars, and area jam sessions. Their performances are energetic, and their rapport with the audience is dynamic and unique.

Management: BB&S Productions
Joe Bustamante - Manager
Miguel A Contreras - Promotions